Keeping memories
— alive

About us

Have you ever thought that people have more in common than different? Similar elements in culture, traditions, in family values?

And these grains of simple but important things were preserved and passed on from generation...
Sevenworlds is a jewelry brand whose design is inspired by the cultures and ethnicities of the seven continents. Each piece holds its own unique story, which gives it a special meaning and uniqueness.


Sevenworlds — is not just a jewelry brand, it's a journey through seven unique worlds, each filled with its own amazing story and cultural heritage.
Each piece encapsulates a fragment of the wisdom and beauty of the places that inspired its creators.

We aim to convey not only the external aesthetics and the quality of handcraftsmanship but also the deep meaning and symbolism inherent in each culture and tradition.
Our jewelry — is not just accessories; they are keys to understanding and uniting the diversity of worlds that inhabit our planet. generation in the form of simple and understandable little things.
But most often, we convey meanings and depth through metal — its imperfections, texture, shape, and play of colors.

Materials and Process

Made from bronze and silver, crafted through the intricate lost-wax casting process. We use only natural pearls and carefully selected organic semi-precious stones.
Our jewelry is uniquely handcrafted, embodying exceptional craftsmanship.

the founder

Ekaterina Tsaturyan
At university, studying International Relations, she delved into the issues of ethnicities and interethnic conflicts, exploring the roots of human relationships. A pivotal moment was her life in New York and work at the UN, which included her first visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Spending much time in the jewelry and antique sections, she increasingly immersed herself in the past, contemplating how people lived and what they valued in ancient times.
With a deep respect for the past and a desire to learn as much as possible about the culture and art of previous eras, Ekaterina delved into historical archives, studied manuscripts, and consulted historical sources, absorbing the spirit and beauty of bygone times.
The project was launched in 2019, but the concept originated earlier.
Sevenworlds is not just a jewelry brand, it's a world where everyone can find something personal that will inspire and add meaning.
We study dozens of cultures before creating a new item: tribes, extinct civilizations, the modern world. It's not just earrings or a ring — it's a whole vast ethnicity in a small piece.
And here's what we've noticed: these worlds — they're very similar to each other. Of course, there are distinctive, unique cultural traits, but at their core, all ethnicities are about the same things — about life. About love. About family. About happiness.

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