Sevenworlds is a contemporary jewelry brand inspired by cultures and ethnicities from all around the world.


Sevenworlds means Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America, Australia and Oceania, and Our Contemporary World. But it’s not geographical continents that interest us most. It’s the unique worlds - of humans, of cultures, worlds that have no other barriers than one’s own identity. It’s our planet and the beauty the nature has created. It is about people, who remain human above.


We, the people, have more in common than different. More similar elements in cultures, traditions, family values. They are simple, but so important. They were preserved and passed down from generation to generation in the forms of understandable things.


And what about us? We just don't want to lose it - therefore we somehow revive those things in minimalist jewelry to always have them with us. To always remember. To be thankful.


Sevenworlds produces short video interviews Women of the World with women of different ethnicities and backgrounds to learn more about their personalities, their culture, lifestyle and family traditions.

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