The Mykenaia Necklace

450 €
The Mykenaia Necklace is handmade of 24ct gold-plated bronze seashells neatly put together.

The Mykenaia

From the 15th to the 13th century BCE, the Mycenaean people inhabited mainland Greece – simply put - the first civilization founded by the ancient Greeks. Mycenaean art survives in the form of pottery, frescoes, and jewelry – the last was a key aspect to a Mycenaean woman’s daily outfit. It was also found in mass quantities within graves – around 30 kilos. Some Mycenaean frescoes show women holding their jewellery (especially necklaces), rather than wearing it – to draw attention to its value. This piece is made in the shape of papyrus flowers meaning growth, vigour, youth and all things fresh. 

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