Sioux Earrings

220 €
Sioux Earrings are handcrafted from 24ct gold-plated bronze and the ear pin made of silver to avoid any possible allergies. 

The Eagle Feathers Headdress

Sioux are a confederacy of several Native American tribes. Meaning “little snakes”, Sioux got the name because of their longtime foe. The Sioux Indians – a family-oriented, nomadic people – speak the Dakota language and believe in Wakan Tanka, the one god. They wear eagle feathers as the most significant part of the headdress to represent honor and respect. Feathers are a distinctive sign of a warrior, and their number indicated the magnitude of authority and accomplished feats in battle. One feather – one deed. Our Sioux Earrings consist of two feathers – make it meaningful to yourself. Twofeathers – two deeds. 

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