Bracelet HEARTS

155 €
Bracelet Hearts is handcrafted from 925 silver


What is it being a mom? What is being a girl's mom? This is boundless tenderness and constant manifestation of feelings. It's about bows and braids, lush dresses and shiny shoes. It's about anxiety, sleepless nights, mistakes, ups and downs but what is more - it's about unconditional love and respect. Tea parties with dolls, fairy tales about princesses, supermen and much more. These two hearts - mom's and daughter's - will be connected by a thin but very strong thread through their lives.

During this magical period, we thought of dropping something special for your baby, to give tangible to that deep and special bond between mother and daughter. This is a very limited drop - only 50 bracelets. And in each order there is a little surprise from the brand.

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