Ambi Earrings

240 €
Ambi Earrings are handcrafted from 24ct gold plated bronze with colored agates on the ends.

Length: 8 cm
Weight: 5.5 g each

The Heart of Mother Earth

Rubies were treasured by early cultures, as they represented the redness of the blood that flowed through their veins. Once described as ‘the heart of Mother Earth’, rubies are associated with passion, prosperity and protection. 

Although discovered in Mozambique for the first time in 2009, rubies from this region became world’s most significant ones. In different places ruby colors range from purplish-red to orangy-red. But what is special Mozambique rubies cover all of the known color ranges, including the rarest pure fluorescent reds. 

The most famous rubies include the 167-carat Black Prince’s Ruby (British Museum of Natural History), the 138.7-carat Rosser Reeves Star Ruby (Smithsonian Institution of Washington), and the 100.32-carat Delong Ruby (American Museum of Natural History in New York

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